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Global windows size and copying to clipboard in SCRT 6.7.3


I just purchased the SecureCRT last month. I have some questions regarding some settings.

1. Is there a way to globally set the number of rows and columns for all tab?
I noticed that I have to set the windows/tab size for each tab I open since they have a different settings.

2. I just started to write some blogs and when I copied some text from SecureCRT and pasted it on a notepad, the formatting is not the same as in SCRT. I also tried to paste it on my blog and when I viewed it, it was messy as well and it did not have the box around it.
It used to be like this before when I was using the trial version (see the box wrapped around the rommon>?) How do I setup SCRT to wrap a box to whatever text I copy from it?

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