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FTP over SSH2 was dropped because our assessment was that not many of our customers were still using it. We will continue to support SecureFX 2.2 for at least another year. Depending on demand, we may add the equivalent functionality back, but so far, we've only had a handful of requests.
In the published link, there were others that chimed in asking for FTP over SSH2. Add me to the list: the sole reason I originally purchased SecureFX is because of this feature. SFTP is available as freeware, and there are other free alternatives. FTP over SSH2 was the 'killer feature' that was ONLY available in SecureFX (and nothing else that I could find at the time).

SecureCRT 5.0 (and Entunnel 1.2 - not yet out) support dynamic forwarding which allows you to proxy FTP over SSH2. Would this be possible work around for you?
I'm desperate. I'll do anything that works, including dynamic forwarding. However, last time I looked at this (with VanDyke support), we were unable to make dynamic port forwarding work properly on v3.0 (build 842). There appears to be no way to specify the remote host to forward to (it gets grayed out).

So, I'm willing to look at dynamic forwarding if it works. Today, near as I can tell, it does not.