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Originally Posted by jpv
Can you elaborate on what you're looking for?

SecueFX 2.2 is available and has FTP over SSH2 support. We will continue to support this version for at least the next 12 months.

Is directing your users to SecureFX 2.2 an option?

thanks for the reply, Jeff.

basically, this is the default message i send to new account sign-ups for my portal.

"if you need to transfer files using FTP, you must install a client that supports "ftp over ssh2" protocol like SecureFX - download an evaluation copy at sorry, my SFTP setup at this time is buggy so you can only login via "ftp over SSH2" to perform (secure) file transfers.

i hope SFX 2.2 be available in the coming years, or at least a slimdown version that supports "ftp over ssh2" - on my server, i've disabled direct FTP (port 21) due to random dictionary attacks so the only way for my users to get in is to use client like SecureFX which uses local port forwarding with "ftp over ssh2". sounds like anarchy, but i have to do it. my platform is FreeBSD 4.11 and by default, users "without" a valid login (eg. /sbin/nologin) will render SFTP with a million errors. 99.9% of my users have custom "/usr/local/bin/ftponly" shell. but FTP over SSH2 works great, no problems at all since "inetd" opens port 21 by default so port forwarding isn't a problem.

afaik, no existing OSS projects offer this functionality. only Tectia and SecureFX support it. it works for me and for a lot of my users. i've been thinking of buying multi-site licenses for my users but at this time, it'd be an overkill for my purposes and services.

i have a few dozen users who use Mac OS X and currently don't have an alternative. i think it's a platform you guys should get into because its gaining momentum. i'd recommend SecureFX to them if it worked for Mac OS X but for now, it looks like they're stuck.

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