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Thanks for your post. There are a couple of reasons why we dropped support for FTP over SSH2. One is that the way it was implemented made it harder for us to add IPv6 support. The other reason is that it was implemented, SFTP wasn't a standard yet, so it was a way to support secure file transfers until the SFTP draft was finalized.

FTP over SSH2 was dropped because our assessment was that not many of our customers were still using it. We will continue to support SecureFX 2.2 for at least another year. Depending on demand, we may add the equivalent functionality back, but so far, we've only had a handful of requests.

SecureCRT 5.0 (and Entunnel 1.2 - not yet out) support dynamic forwarding which allows you to proxy FTP over SSH2. Would this be possible work around for you?

Here is a link to a forum thread with a discussion about FTP over SSH2 that took place about a year ago, if you're interested.


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