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Question Possible work arounds for changing passwords?

Hi Eric,

Thanks for your swift reply.
I was wondering if there was any reason why this function would not be released?
There seems to have been a fair number of requests dating back to 2005.

In the meantime, I was womdering if you could help me with a work around.
Ideally I would like to use SecureCRT to swiftly be able to adjust to any password changes that are made.
In my current situation I have a range of devices I would like to connect to, some on AD, some on local user accounts and some on shared accounts.
This causes issues when one of those passwords change as my folder structure does not reflect which account is being used, hence I would need to individually check each device session config to see which would need changing.
My first idea was a script, one that would go through every session in the config folder and if the account matches the one that changed, then apply a new password.
Are you aware of any possible alternatives to this if new passwords are set?
Possibly something along the lines of an account ID tag for sessions that could be quickly filtered or possibly a shared credentials file?

Kind regards,
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