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An alternative solution, continuing the example I gave above about opening multiple windows at once:

When I enter the key passphrase for one of the prompts, if SecureCRT/FX would check for other open passphrase prompts on the same key and close them automatically, and use the now-authenticated key, I would only have to enter the passphrase once. This could be a good solution, especially if I use multiple private keys, as it would only prompt for a passphrase when I actually use the key. So if I have 20 keys but typically use only 3 -- I would only need to enter the three I use under the alternate solution. If I preloaded all 20 at system startup, I would have to enter all 20 passwords. Of course, I could also preload only the 3 keys I commonly use instead of all 20. So either solution could work well.
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