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first of all , thx for this great script ,

everything works fine now , i fix the problem i faced from the replies on this thread , but only one issue i could understand or figure out ,,

im using securecrt 7.3.1 , the VB script , i wanna add session name in the log file output
g_strLogFileTemplate = _
g_strMyDocs & "\Log\##IPADDRESS-HostName-YYYY-MM-DD--hh'mm'ss.txt"

im using securecrt to connect to linux based servers hostname:vDPI_RY_PTS_1_1 with Ip address :

whenever i add g_strHost i got the ip address only , coz in hosts.txt i add the host with ipaddress only , i try to add ip/hostname in hosts.txt but it give error


how should i add it ? i have about 50 server and i can add them in hosts file but dont know how to use them in the script
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