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Hi mibrandt,

We don't currently have any example scripts that demonstrate this functionality. You will most likely want to take advantage of the Connected property of the Session object.

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether the current session is connected or not.
This would allow you to test after each connection attempt to see if it is successful.

You will likely also need to take advantage of the ConnectInTab methods additional parameters.

The ConnectInTab method takes two optional parameters (True or False). The first determines whether or not the script should wait for the connection to fully authenticate before continuing. The first parameter only applies to SSH1 and SSH2 connections. The second optional parameter specifies whether the call fails silently or raises an exception. If the second parameter is False and the connection attempt fails, an exception is raised and the method returns an empty object. If the second parameter is True and the connection attempt fails, the method returns a valid Tab object, which can then be used to check for connection status in order to determine if the connection attempt was successful.

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