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Hi kurtmanzano,

Thanks for the additional details about the problem. This is helpful in explaining the issue you are encountering.

Your Windows Telnet server's Mode of Operation may be set to "Console" rather than "Stream" (run tlntadmn as an administrator within a CMD.exe window to see properties of your Windows Telnet server).

When in Console mode, the Windows Telnet server allows you to run interactive programs (e.g. edit, more, etc.), use tab completion and command history. The Windows Telnet server doesn't actually send scrollback data in Console mode.

If you don't care about the scrollback buffer, you could just use something like curl --help | more when the Windows Telnet server is in Console mode.

If you need the scrollback buffer, you will need to either configure the Windows Telnet server to run in Stream mode or configure SecureCRT to tell the server to run in Stream mode. You could have two SecureCRT sessions, one for Console mode and one for Stream mode.

SecureCRT will ask the Windows Telnet server for a Console mode session by default. To ask the Windows Telnet server for a Stream mode session, you could configure a session to enable the Terminal type: option and enter tty. The option is located in the Terminal / Emulation / Advanced category of the Session Options dialog.

Does this information help you enable the scrollback buffer and explain why you don't have it?

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