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48 by 132

If I understand the question that you are asking perhaps I have the answer for you. If I don't understand please excuse me for butting into your thread.

I also access legacy systems where we need a 132 column width. What I have done is to set up a shortcut in SecureCRT with it configured to support 48 by 132. Every time I launch the shortcut I get 48 by 132. Then if I need to go to 24 by 80 I simply change the option.

I do this in the session options window which is accessed by clicking on options, session options, terminal, emulation, logical rows, logical columns. I also have the option to synchronize view to size.

Then when I need to switch back to 24 by 80 I simply go change the settings back. I have gotten so used to using the screen in the 132 column mode that I seldom switch back.

I realize that this is a manual method and not automatic, but that is what I do to get the 132 columns.
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