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OK, so you've eliminated the Default session from being the one that is referencing a .pub file with the ::rawkey directive.

You'll need to identify which of your sessions is specifying the public key file with a ::rawkey at the end of it.

You might be able to leverage the search functionality of Windows file Explorer...
  1. Open your SecureCRT Global Options, and in the Configuration Paths category, copy that full path to the clipboard.
  2. "Run" the path (Win+R, and paste into the Open field; alternatively, open Windows explorer (Win+E) and paste the path into the address bar (Alt+D, Ctrl+V).
  3. Drill down into the Sessions sub folder
  4. Press Ctrl+F to highlight the "Find/Search" field and type therein this:


    That should get you a listing of the files that have rawkey somewhere in the session options.

    If the above doesn't help you to identify which session(s) had the ::rawkey as part of the path, you'll need to go through each of your sessions one-by-one to discover which one it is.

    Alternatively, you could run the script example I've included below to help you identify which session(s) have this problematic identity file path addendum.

Does this help you?

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