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Secondary log file


Is it possible to have a selectable secondary log file created as required?

We perform router upgrades and as part of this we are required to log everything as well as perform pre-check and post-check comparisons.

Usually we:
Start logging a precheck file - run our pre-checks. Then stop logging the pre-check. This creates a pre-check log file.

We then start logging a run-time file. Run our upgrades. Then stop run-time log. This creates a run-time log file.

Then we start logging a post-check file. Run our post-checks.
This creates a post-check log file.

At the end of the process, we compare the pre and post check files.

It would be great to enable logging at the start of the session and have this run in the background for the entire time, then be able to click a "Logging button" which would allow a secondary "on demand" log file to be created until it is switched off.

Kind regards.
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