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Japanese characters displayed as junk characters in secure FX

Issue is happening in the PeopleSoft CRM environment.

The actual process

As per the PeopleSoft delivered functionality the user can attach the attachments file through PeopleSoft online page. The attached physical file will be stored in the UNIX environment target path. The target path, actual file name information is stored in the oracle database.

The user next time, click the attachment link through PeopleSoft online page. Based on the database values like (target path and actual file name) it is opening the file without any issue.

The original file (contains Japanese character) name is “TestPdf Renamed to 360056C1R1*責処分通知書(木村明*).pdf”

Issue in the UNIX environment target path:

From SecureFX, when we see the file in the UNIX environment target path the file name is showing junk characters.

“TestPdf Renamed to 360056C1R1???????(????).pdf”

Why the file name has changed in the UNIX environment target path?
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