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Hi Mathieul,

Thanks for the great step by step setup.

I used your steps here on all 3 beta versions of SecureCRT 5.1 but was not able to reproduce what you are describing.

Which version of SecureCRT is installed?

It could be that I do not have other default settings set to the same values as the default session on this machine.

Could you tell me if 'ANSI Color' is enabled in the 'Emulation' sub-category under 'Terminal' in the 'Session Options' for the default session?

If it is, do you see the behavior you described if this is disabled?

If it is not enabled, would it be possible to get a copy of the default session so I can use it for testing?

The default.ini file is located in the 'Sessions' folder inside the configuration folder.

The location of the configuration folder is listed in the 'Configuration folder' data field in the 'General' category of the 'Global Options'.

Once found, could you email me the .ini file to with the subject of ATTN: Teresa Forum Thread 1319?


Teresa Nygren

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