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multiscript to automate configuring cisco devices

Hi all, I have been running a multiscript that allows me to log into multiple routers (connections listed in a text file parsed at the beginning of the script) and send multiple commands to each router (another text file), one at a time.
This was used mostly to get output of various "show" commands, or to automate troubleshooting (run various pings or trace routes from multiple routers). All those commands are entered in the router's "enable" mode, but once I try to use the same script to actually configure multiple routers, the script stops when it gets into the "config" mode of the first router (with the "config t" command). The only way I could manage this is if I modify the sessions and add the "config t" command as part of the automated login, then I can use the multiscript to enter multiple configuration commands to multiple routers (as long as all those sessions have the "config t" as part of the router's automated login!). In short, the same script won't run commands in the "enable" mode (such as config t) AND in "config" mode at the same time!
Any ideas why and what would the fix be?
Thanks much!
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