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Hello Jimmy,

I am not crystal clear on what you are trying to accomplish. I will provide some general information based on my current understanding and then, you can correct me as necessary.

the main session is used to display the results of running another session.
This can be achieved, in a way, by using the example script I have provided. It is more of a "pseudo" parallel method of achieving the end result since you can't currently paint the screen of the main session with results from another session.

There's also this thread with a version of the script that writes the results to a file.

Perhaps, a better way, is to have the com1 ... comN sessions in a folder and then open the entire folder in tabs with an argument on the command-line that causes the desired script to execute in all sessions. For example:
SecureCRT.exe /T /S <folder_of_sessions> /Script MyScript
The correct order of command-line options and the exact syntax can be found in the SecureCRT help topics listed below:
  • Using the Software / Command-Line Options / Overview of Command-Line Options
  • Using the Software / Command-Line Options / Table of Standard Command-Line Options
  • Using the Software / Command-Line Options / Table of Protocol-Specific Command-Line Options

I have also attached an example that uses logging to accomplish a similar objective. We have posted many variations of that script in several threads on the forums also (read data from host file, send commands from commands file, log results).

The final resource I recommend is the VB scripting manual available here. It covers many concepts that our customers use frequently with regards to VB Scripting and SecureCRT.

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