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There currently isn't a way to enforce logging to occur in SecureCRT/SecureFX. Even if there were a way to enforce logging within SecureCRT/FX, it wouldn't be fail-safe since a user could simply use another client application to perform their nefarious action(s).

The best practice would be for the SSH/SFTP server to log all transactions.
That way, regardless of the client being used and its configuration for logging or not, all transactions would be logged by the SFTP server.

What SSH server is in use on the remote machine(s)?

What is the universe of SFTP transactions you need to log (or keep track of in some way for auditing)?

What is the myriad of shell transactions that would need to be tracked for auditing?

If for whatever reason you feel your answers would give away too much on a public forum such as this, feel free to send email to or give us a call directly: +1 505-332-5730 (7:30AM - 5:30PM Mountain).

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