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Changes in SecureCRT 5.0 (Alpha) -- September 3, 2004

  • SSH2: The keyboard interactive prompt now includes the username and hostname.

Bug fixes:
  • Auto reconnect was not working correctly with tabbed sessions.
  • Reconnecting a disconnected tabbed session caused a new tab to be created.
  • If the only session was disconnected and a new session was connected, the window geometry was not correctly updated.
  • SecureCRT crashed when the session configuration of a disconnected tab was modified.
  • SecureCRT sometimes crashed when switching between tabs.
  • ZModem output was not handled correctly for tabbed sessions.
  • Trace output did not go the the correct window for tabbed sessions.
  • When connecting to a new session in a tab, if the current tab had not connected yet, the current tab was used instead of creating a new tab.
  • Selecting "Close" from the tab menu of a telnet or rlogin session disconnected the session instead of closing it.
  • The disconnect prompt sometimes showed the wrong session name when disconnecting from a tabbed session.
  • The tab label was not updated when the "Title bar" text was changed in the Session Options dialog.
  • SSH2: The "locked" icon sometimes did not reflect the correct state for SFTP tabs.
  • SSH2: Nothing happened when "New SFTP Tab" was selected from the tab menu of an SFTP tab.