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Changes in SecureCRT 5.0 (Alpha) -- December 14, 2004

New features:
  • The following command-line tools were added to the installer.
    • VSFTP: An interactive command-line SFTP client.
    • VKEYGEN: A command-line tool for generating public keys.
    • VPKA: A command-line tool for uploading public keys.

  • Only licenses issued on or after 12/1/03 are valid. Otherwise, an evaluation license will be generated.
  • Renamed the menu item "New Tab" to "Connect in Tab" and the menu item "New SFTP Tab" to "Connect SFTP in Tab".
  • If a connection is closed in a tabbed session that isn't active, the system will beep and the disconnected session's tab will flash.
  • The "Auto reconnect" session option was moved to the Terminal page.
  • When SecureFX is also installed, more protocol combinations are allowed.
  • VCP/VSH: When "-i" is specified on the command line, public-key authentication is tried first.
  • SFTP: When an SFTP tab is started, it is now positioned to the right of its parent session instead of to the far right.