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Changes in SecureCRT 5.0 (Alpha) -- November 15, 2004

  • Added "Show Descriptions" to the Connect dialog's context menu.

Bug fixes:
  • The full descriptions were not being shown in the Connect dialog hover text.
  • SSH2: When an IP address was specified as the hostname, the KEXINIT packet was sent twice, which caused the session to be disconnected.
  • SSH2: The global option "Enable deprecated GSSAPI" was not being honored.
  • SSH2: When a session with a saved password was copied and pasted, the password was incorrect.
  • SSH2: In the Quick Connect dialog, uploading a public key failed when the hostname was blank. SecureCRT now prompts for the hostname.
  • TAPI: When an attempt to connect to a TAPI session failed, SecureCRT crashed.