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Thanks for your email reply. I'll continue the conversation here so it may benefit other people.

I did enter the certificate with the GUI, just not with the "..." button. I typed in "keyfile_rsa" assuming %ConfDir%\identity would be a default location.

When I entered the filename using the "..." button as you suggested it worked at once on both PC and MAC. The entry in mysession.ini now looks like:

S:"Identity Filename V2"=${VDS_CONFIG_PATH}\identity\keyfile_rsa
In the meantime, it appears SecureCRT will also use Mac's stored certificates, even if you do not specify that certificate in the options. You can store a certificate on MacOS with:

ssh-add -k keyfile_rsa
Using this method you do not have to enter your passphrase again, even after a reboot. List current certificates with:

ssh-add -L
Or delete them all:

ssh-add -D
One final thought: SecureCRT also reuses my default download location. But "c:\my downloads" does not make sense on a MAC. I'm not sure how much sense it makes to have SecureCRT share those paths between Windows and MAC.

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