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Originally Posted by g7rpo View Post
wondering if there was a way to create a saved session in the same way as ssh sessions that connect over SFTP instead. I know I can do it once I am connected via SSH but would like to take that step out if possible.
SFTP is the "SSH2 File Transfer Protocol", so it cannot be decoupled from an SSH2 connection; SFTP is a subsystem that operates over a channel established through an SSH2 transport.
Every SFTP client must first establish an SSH2 connection, and then request an SFTP subsystem session (instead of a shell session).

SecureCRT doesn't currently support singularly requesting an SFTP subsystem session directly, instead of a shell sesion. I've added a feature request on your behalf for this capability and while we don't yet have any ETA as to if/when such a capability might be implemented, we'll be happy to post here with news.

In the mean time, you can consider using SecureFX (which can share a configuration with SecureCRT), or employ a workaround in SecureCRT which uses a script applied to a copy of a saved session as that copy's Logon Script; the script would connect via SSH2, open an SFTP tab, and then close the original shell tab, leaving behind only the SFTP tab you desire -- allowing you to connect to a saved session from within the session manager, and end up with only an SFTP tab as a result (eventually, but without you having to manually open the SFTP tab yourself). An example of such a Logon Script is found in the script examples landing page under the specific heading, "Example: SFTP Tab Automation".

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