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I haven't been able to replicate anything like the behavior you've reported on upgrading SecureCRT, so it will take some digging to get to the bottom of what's happening in your unique circumstances.
  • Retain size and font is an unusual setting to settle on; it is usually only valuable for individuals who set their columns to a very high number (because they don't ever want any lines to wrap), and rely on the horizontal scrollbar (which needs to be enabled in the View menu) to see what is displayed beyond the screen. Such a configuration will likely lead to frustration as the remote system has an understanding of rows and columns that doesn't match your SecureCRT window's visible "viewport" into that remote terminal size. The default value is Synchronize because it will change the number of rows and columns as you resize the SecureCRT window.
    Is Retain size and font really what you want as a setting?

  • When you say you upgraded to 8.7, what did that process look like?

  • Usually, when you upgrade SecureCRT the configuration is left as-was. I say "usually" because I cannot vouch for custom installers created by organizations and individuals on their own.
    What exact process did you go through when upgrading to version 8.7?

  • When you launched SecureCRT version 8.7 for the first time following the upgrade, what notices do you recall seeing?

  • The default location for SecureCRT's configuration folder in Windows is %APPDATA\VanDyke\Config...
    Is your configuration folder (check Global Options, Configuration Paths category) set to something other than this default value?

  • If you normally launched your older version of SecureCRT from a desktop shortcut, was your desktop shortcut modified to point to a different configuration folder using the /F command line option (I'm asking if you recall ever modifying this -- it wouldn't have been something our default install/config would have done, but some individuals desire to use /F to specifically point to a desired configuration folder; perhaps your upgrade removed the shortcut and replaced it with a new one that no longer has the /F to point to your desired configuration folder).

  • When you mention your "auto-logins", are you referring to saved usernames and passwords stored in the "Password" properties found in the SSH2 category, or are you referring to Expect/Send entries found in the Logon Actions category of your session options?

  • If you search your entire computer file system for a file named "Global.ini", how many different matches are found? If you found more than one Global.ini file, it means that at least once in the past you've had different configuration folders for SecureCRT, and perhaps one of them is more recent than the other in terms of the configuration you were using with your older version.
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