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font size...

Hi, I'm not sure which version I was using before 8.7. I checked in Properties, under "Previous Versions" but "There are no previous versions available" listed....
As I listed in my original post, in "Global Options", -Terminal, -Advanced, no options checked..(the options are for disabling resizing)
In "Session Options", -Emulation, "On resize" I've tried all 3 options...(Synchronize view to size, Scale the font, & Retain font size)For font, I have tried "VT100" and "Terminal".I have tried closing out and re-opening securecrt. I have also restarted my PC. I am still not able to change font size or zoom in/out with keyboard or mouse wheel.I have also noticed all of my "auto-logins" are gone.

I purchased and started using this software 05/14/2019
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