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Originally Posted by ekoranyi View Post
Hi Chris2NyCE,

The Command Window
--> View > Command Window
- Need to send the same command to multiple hosts you're connected to in SecureCRT? Yep. This allows you to do that. No more copy > paste > (activate next tab) > paste > (activate next tab)... routine. Just open the Command window and right-click inside it to enable the "Send commands to all sessions" behavior. Here's a video:

- Need to perform the exact same sequence of steps on all the machines that are currently connected, using the first "tab" as your "master" and broadcasting all of your keystrokes to each host simultaneously? Combine the "Send commands to all sessions" option I've already described with the "Send characters immediately" option, and you won't even see what's in the command window... it simply acts as a transparent input mechanism to all your connected hosts in the same SecureCRT window.

Does this give you the functionality you're looking for?

This is perfect. Its what i needed. However, one follow up questions, how do i make it also utilize my button bar strings? I have a bunch of preset commands configured and i noticed it only works if i manually type in into the command window and doesnt work when i select a button
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