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Hi samppa,

is there any different way to change password for sessions than this: ?
Yes, this tip that goes hand-in-hand with multiple sessions and describes how to change Default Session/all sessions, but you have already mentioned Default Session below so I believe you are already familiar with it.

Is it possible to create "group" of devices and change those password?
Yes, in this case the "changing multiple sessions" mechanism would work.

Or is it possible to tell specific session that use "default session password".
No, there is not unless you maybe put such info somewhere to distinguish sessions as such. Perhaps it could be entered in the Description field or the session names themselves could contain a tag that lets you determine this.

The main issue with saved passwords is they are encrypted in the session INI files. So there is not a good way to handle this even with scripting.

And, again, as we like to make known as often as possible:

It is generally not a security "best practice"
to save passwords regardless of the application in use.

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