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Originally Posted by yocoyote
Yes, the new session that I just opened is the session with the anomalous background color behavior.

The color does indeed match the color of an existing tabbed window. I'm not sure if its the first window opened but will experiment to determine this.

I will reply with exact steps as I reproduce them in the coming days.
This will help when I look at your Config folder. If I know the order in which you are opening the Tabs when you see this behavior, I can try to duplicate the problem here. It would also help if you can tell me which session seems to be the one that the problem session is getting the color information from.

If you can, would you also send a couple of screen shots showing what the session is displaying, and what it should look like?

I would send the config file, but I don't see a config file in c:\program\files\xxxx, where xxxx = any of the CRT-related files. I have xxxx=CRT, CRT5, CRT5.2, CRT5.3.
If you look in the Options / Global Options menu in the General category, you will see a box labeled "Configuration folder". The folder that is listed will contain your Config folder for CRT. If you can zip this folder and send it to me, it will be a big help.


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