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Hello yocoyote,
Originally Posted by yocoyote
When I open some windows (as tabs) using CRT Version 5.0.3 (build 1040) , the screen changes to a color for which it is not configured. Seems to only happen if there is an existing windows open as a tab. The new screen changes to the color of that existing window. after clicking on the existing window, then back to the one I just opened (and had the anomalous color change), the window reverts to the correct color.
Just to confirm that I understand the problem, when you are refering to the screen changing, it sounds like you are talking about the new session that you just opened. Is this correct?

Does the color match those of any of the other open sessions - mainly those of the first tab that is open?

Can you tell us the exact steps you folllow when you see this happen?

Would you be willing to send your zipped Config folder to us for examination? If you are willing, please send it me at: with a subject of Attn: Shannon re: Forum thread 4613
Please do not post the files here in the Forum


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