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hi, thanks for you answer

* I have a SecureCRT version 7.3.5 (x64 build 903)
* I need create an script to do a ping to many servers, the list ips are in a Mysql database, i need connect SecureCRT to Mysql for run the script
* Database and Segure CRT are in the same pc
* I work in windows 8 and Windows 10
* the complet scrips is the follow. (That script a copy in internet but to Access Database and modify it)

thanks for your help.

#$language = "VBScript"
#$interface = "1.0"

Const ForReading = 1
Const ForWriting = 2
Dim Rst, Cnn, sConn, sTip

Sub Main

crt.Session.Connect "/S PSM_RUN"
Set Cnn = CreateObjet("ADODB.connection")
sConn="Provider=MySQL OBDC 5.3;Data"
sel ="SELECT Cliente,ip,Sede, Tipo FROM direcciones WHERE ip<>''"
Set Rst = Cnn.Execute(sel)
Set fsoerror = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
set fileerror = fsoerror.CreateTextFile("E:\PLANTILLAS DB\errorlogping.txt", True)
conterror = 0

Do While Not (Rst.BOF Or Rst.EOF)
crt.Screen.Synchronous = True
crt.Screen.Send " ping -c 1 -w 1 -s 8 " & ip & chr(13)
if (crt.Screen.WaitForString(str & " is alive",3)=False) then
crt.Screen.Send Chr(3) & VbCr
fileerror.Write trim(Rst.Fields("ip").Value) & VbCrLf
conterror = conterror + 1
end if

crt.Screen.WaitForString "$",2
crt.Screen.Synchronous = False

End Sub
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