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How use Screen->Get() for a line that is off the screen


I'm using SecureCRT version 6.2.2 with Active Perl Scripting.

I'm creating a script that grabs information from a remote router by connecting to the remote device via TELNET or SSH. When the "show" command is executed the output is longer than it can be displayed in a single window and the window starts scrolling up. As such, the Screen->Get(10,1, 10,10) for example no longer corresponds to the line I wanted to grab.

Since the lines I need are off the screen I tried to use negative lines for the numbers but for some reason it doesn't work.
I.E. I tried Screen->Get(-4,1 -4,10) but didn't work.

Can you please advise if there is a way to have the script grab the line number based on the number of lines that have displayed since the connection was established (not based on what's on the screen only) or is there a way to grab information that has already passed the screen?

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