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This can be a problem when you have long hostnames.

One workaround is to expand the width of the session window, but then this will also increase the columns. I've tried limiting using the Session Options, but the minimum width is limited to 132 columns. It would be nice to limit this to 80 columns so even if we expand the width of the session window, our tabs are still limited to 80 columns.

This can also be a problem if we want to keep the width of the session window small if we have multiple sessions going at once.

For example, let's say I wish to have 4 session windows with 20 tabs in each session window open at the same time but want to be able to see 100% of the contents of each session window at the same time.

Adding a feature to allow for multi-line tabs would allow us to retain the maximum width of the session window to allow for multiple session windows while also allowing for many more visible tabs w/o needing tab scrolling.
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