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Suggestion: Title bar composition


An idea on how we could control what's in the title bar.
Once we have 'groups' for the tabs or once we can name the window (I call this 'container') that contains the tabbed sessions, this may be even more useful. When I will make a lot use of tabbed sessions then I'd like to be able to quickly locate my 'container' in the taskbar and that may only show the left most part of the title bar. Other people may of course have other preferences/needs.

For instance I would then like the title bar to show:

ContainerName - HostControlledSessionText - ActiveSessionName

The host controlled textpart is what someone may want to set from the host by sending the appropriate escape sequence (I am doing that already, but then it replaces the entire title bar text).

In the settings we could then perhaps use specifiers such as %C (container name), %H (Host controlled part) and %S (Session name) to be inserted where we want them.

Just an idea, not fully thought through .