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Properties changes

When I modify the terminal type in the connections properties window to change from telnet to ssh2, there is not related port change on the SSH2 port. Believe that the default behavior in older versions was to set the default port for the protocol. Although the connection page changes the protocol from telnet to ssh2, the port on the SSH2 page remains at 23. This only appears to be the case with sessions that were converted from 4.1 to 5.0 and newly created 5.0 sessions don't appear to have the problem. In new 5.0 sessions, I have either a set of telnet properties or ssh properites when I switch but not both. In converted sessions, I end up with both telnet properties and ssh2 properties but the port for ssh2 properties stays 23. When I change from telnet to ssh2 on the connection page, the telnet properties go away but if I switch to ssh2 from telnet I end up with both.