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Hi Cameron.

In reply to your questions:

. Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise
. SecureCRT Version 8.3.2 (x64 build 1584)
. This has been occurring on one button randomly for a few months now,
but since I've created several (2) more buttons with similar command strings it has become really annoying.
. I haven't actually witnessed the labels change, it usually happens while I'm doing something else.

The string for the showCreated button:
read -p $"Enter the vnf-name, ie: sna1bssdb0001v, ksc1bscas0001v: " vnf;for vnf in `nova list|grep $vnf|awk '{print $4}'`;do echo;echo $vnf;nova show $vnf|grep -E 'created|image|status|updated'|sed 's/\|$//' | sed 's/[ ]*$//'|tr -s ' '|sed 's/\\,/\\n/g'|sed 's/\|//';done\r

What then happens, it somehow cuts this part "/\\n/g'|sed 's/\|//';done\r" off the end off the string and uses that part to change the label with.

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