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I'm not aware of any web browsers with native support for the SFTP protocol, so at the minimum I think users would need an SFTP plugin for their web browser.

We don't currently offer any browser plug-ins, but I've added your posts to our request database and we'll post a follow up message to this forum thread if we offer this or a similar product in the future. If you'd like to receive email notification, please let us know and refer to forum thread 11006.

The users need a very user friendly interface
At the risk of going off-topic a little, but in the interest of helping you find an immediate and acceptable solution, even with a browser plug-in, users would still need to configure connections: a hostname, username, password. If your particular SFTP client isn't user friendly, you might considerSecureFX. It's easy to install SecureFX and enter the information needed to connect to a server - when first run it asks for the necessary information, then saves it for users as a session so they can just connect to the session afterward.
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