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Originally Posted by toqpuk View Post
I am on Windows 10 64 bit, SecureCRT is Version 8.5.3 (x64 build 1867). I am using secureCRT for cisco config via ssh, there is no any messages before disconnect, just red cross before router name on tab. after reconnect it clear screen and show logon banner and router name w/o any lines which were before disconnect.
There are two common ways to perform a true "reconnect" operation in SecureCRT:
  • With keyboard focus already in the terminal window of the tab that is disconnected, press the [Enter] key on the keyboard.
  • Press the Reconnect button on SecureCRT's toolbar ( or , depending on the theme you're using).
Which one of these methods are you using to "reconnect"?

If you're not using either of these two methods, then you're not performing a "reconnect", you're starting a brand new session within the active tab (which so happens to currently be disconnected). This action will wipe out what's currently displayed in the disconnected tab and scrollback buffer as it is prepared for the new connection you've told it to establish.

Originally Posted by toqpuk View Post
One more thing, before SecureCRT I used to have superputty and there I had option restart session , when session has disconnected after timeout you can press restart session, and you will stay in same tab see all scrollback buffer and router will just ask you login again (enter password)
This sounds like SecureCRT's "Reconnect" behavior, as I've described earlier.

Does pressing the Reconnect button not work for you in the same way?

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