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Originally Posted by jpv
With this option off, Activator should still work. However, if you start SecureCRT without this option checked, you'll have to start Activator manually or put Activator in your start up folder.
Ah, I didn't even know that was possible. Yes, I've started it manually and it seems to work fine. I think I'll add it to my startup folder.

May I suggest to add Activator to the Start > Programs menu somewhere (it's not in SecureCRT's and SecureFX's menu's).

And to add this to the documentation.

The page "Using the Activator" in SecureCRT 5.1.b4's online help starts with "The SecureCRT Activator allows you to minimize specific sessions or all sessions to the system tray instead of the task bar". IMO this is confusing, since it describes the functionality of the "Minimize to activator in the system tray" option, rather than the activator proper.

It also says "The Activator can be enabled as a global option (affecting all sessions) or as a session option (affecting only specific sessions)", which is true but it doesn't mention the possibility of running the activator with this option disabled.