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I'm a little confused, are you asking for a different user database to authenticate against, or to use /etc/passwd ?

A while back we were exploring several options -- an api that would allow you a username password against whatever backend you wanted to use it with (i.e. MySQL or something like that). Is that what you're asking about?
In my mind, I remembered this thread:

I thought there was going to be something unique to VShell, where I don't have to mesh a local & remote-only database. I'll have to look further into X.509 ... haven't had to work with is, so I haven't explored it.

I have local users, they need shell access, etc ... the full boat; I have customers that only need SFTP - so, I don't need them in my Linux passwd file (so I think).

Let me do some more looking into it ... but feel free to shoot back some thoughts.
Tom O'Loughlin
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