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Thanks for the response. Yes I have selected secureCRT as default URL handler. But don't know if it works. I press it, it becomes grey, I press OK. And when I go back in, it is no longer grey and I can press it again?... But don't know if that is the problem.

I have windows 7 Professional 32bit operating system.

The change I made was in the registry, so that it would understand ssh2 hyperlinks and would open it in secureCRT by default. Under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.

It also started to work in Internet Explorer, but it does not work with Chrome. Might be because of the browser security settings.

But my problem is mainly I want to press "windows" button. To open "Start". And like normally you can type in the search field a telnet command. For example. "telnet://ipaddress" This would open a telnet session in secureCRT. Just like the hyperlinks I make will open. This also works in Chrome browser.

But this does not work same way when I do "ssh2://ipaddress" in Chrome or in the search field in "Start", but it works in explorer and in hyperlinks. And I got no clue why that does not work same way.

Any idea?

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