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tiling SNAP

Thanks Brenda.

It must be hard to solve as it is a known issue for years :-(

I will try the script but it will not help hugely as the ideal is to be able to order them as I wish and for them to snap into place. This will allow me to look at several devices in several locations at once (ordering is very important)

Edit: A useful feature would be the ability to highlight 2 windows side by side and choose to view them full screen (say if there were 10 open at one time)

Edit: I ran the script and it works but what is it doing please - how is it ordering the tabs and can this be changed
    nCurState = crt.Window.State
    nActiveTab = crt.GetActiveTab().Index
    For nIndex = crt.GetTabCount() to 1 step -1
        On Error Resume Next
        On Error Goto 0
    crt.Window.Show 2
    crt.Sleep 25
    crt.Window.Show 1
    crt.Sleep 25
    crt.Window.Show nCurState
    crt.Sleep 25

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