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Filter files in VShell

Is there a configuration option to prevent certain files from being returned to the client, when it requests either a directory listing or a read.

In its simplest state, I'd like to prevent with the OS's 'hidden' attribute from showing up in the directory listing. In a slightly more complicated state, this might extend to files which match a glob pattern, e.g. *.tmp.

If not, would a feature-request for such a thing be reasonable?

I see it working at the Virtual Root level (i.e. allow this setting to be defined on the virtual root, so you could have different filters for different roots) but would take something global in the first instance.

I suppose one difficulty might be determining what to do if a write or delete operation were made to a file that existed but was hidden by this filter. Offhand, my preference would be to prevent the operation with SSH_FX_PERMISSION_DENIED or SSH_FX_WRITE_PROTECT, but you may have other ideas.
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