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Hi mraganpbr,

It is my understanding that Netcat builds a very basic
client/server model with the remote system listening on a
specified port, in this case 1900. You would then connect to
the machine and port being listened on.

This is not something that is currently supported by SecureCRT.

I have recorded your idea in our database of SecureCRT
feature requests so that the product director can evaluate
it for possible inclusion in a future release.

Feature requests are typically prioritized based on a number
of factors including, but not limited to, the number of
requests and the amount of implementation work required.

Should a version of SecureCRT become available with this
feature, we will respond to this thread to let you know.

If you prefer to be contacted via email directly please
send an email to with
"ATTN: Eric Forum Thread 12637" in the subject.

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Technical Support
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