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How to tag users that run a script?


Is there a way to create a MSGBOX that has a drop-down with items to select from it?

Background: we're looking to get about 4 or 5 people to run a securecrt script from a shared directory on the LAN (at various times during the day). we need to be able to identify who's running the script so that we may log that action. We've tried the prompt method but it's prone to manual errors. Is there a more efficient way of identifying the user running the script without them typing in their name/id in a message window?

creating individual scripts for each user that has their ID embeded in the code may not be the best idea since you now have to maintain multiple scripts for multiple users.
Any comments/suggestions are appreciated even if the suggestion is that SecureCRT would not be the best platform for this.

PS. The scripts would be sending commands to routers once it connects to them.

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