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How to tag users that run a script?


We're looking at the possibility of using SecureCRT to configure routers using the scripting funnctionality that's available.

We have used it in the past and we've ran into some issues/limitations.

Before we invest time/money into this again I wanted to know if there is a way to identify the user that will be running the script for logging purposes.

For example, we need to have 5 different people running these scripts from a shared location.

I need the script to identify the user that is running the script. I don't want to have users "type" in their name or an ID (because it introduces an additional element of manual error). The script should know which user is running the script. An option could be to create a drop down selection box (if possible).

Also, I don't want to have to create sepatate scripts for each user as that would increase the number of scripts that would have to be maintained.

Any suggestions/comments are welcome.
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