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Originally Posted by tuanvu0695 View Post
hi bgagnon,
im using securecrt 7.1.1, i could be able to get some text from screen, i just wonder if there is a way to open a MS word file and paste to it, its even better if i can keep that word file open and just copy output there, thanks
It is possible to open a MS Word file and "paste to it", but I'm not sure if that's all you really need. The following questions come to mind:
  1. Does the word file (.doc/.docx) already exist?
  2. Is the word file already opened in MS Word (is the MS word application open and running with the word file document loaded/opened)?
  3. Where, specifically, should the data be pasted? Is it always the same location, or does it depend on where the insertion caret is within the document?
  4. What data are you wanting to transfer from the SecureCRT window? Just the Selection? The entire contents of the Screen? Rows 5-7? Something else? Please be specific.

If you can give a detailed description of what you're trying to do, including how you do it manually right now (without a script), we'll have a better understanding and be able to provide you with more information, if possible.

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