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Prevent SecureCRT from Resizing Window?


I use SecureCRT daily to manage my organization's routers, switches, and firewalls. Whenever there are no tabs open, and I open a new connection, the window resizes to whatever size is specified in the Terminal->Emulation->Size settings. Subsequent new connections don't resize the screen.

This behavior is extremely frustrating for me, as then I have to manually resize the window to whatever size I want. I could set that in the Size settings, but the size of the window that I want to use depends on A) all of the devices that I'm connected to, not just the first, and B) the other tasks that I'm working on in other windows at the time. If SecureCRT just left the size alone, that would be far more ideal.

I have tried the Terminal->Appearance->Window->Disable Resize option, but that only appears to disable *my* ability to resize the window (what is the point of that?).

Is there any way, be it native to SecureCRT or otherwise, to prevent the window from resizing on initial connection? I've spent quite a while searching, to no avail.

Thank you!
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