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Originally Posted by ran
Hi all,

My sincere apologies if these have been posted before.

Let's start with the feature requests:


And the last feature, which I will find very very useful.
I have quite a lot of pre-configured sessions in my SCRT, devided into folders, and it's all nice. But sometimes it's hard remembering where a certain session is hiding.
So it would be great if you can add a feature (possibly in the connect dialog) to search for sessions using keywords such as IP address, name, folder name (in case of sub-sub-sub folders), or a description that I entered manually.
This has been added to SecureCRT 6.1, which is in pre-beta testing. If you would like to try it, please send e-mail to me at Please let me know if you also use SecureFX so that I can send you a combined installer.

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