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Hello mfatty,

If SecureCRT doesn't reflect a network disconnect in the status of an open tab/tile/connection, it is because the operating system's TCP/IP stack hasn't yet provided SecureCRT with any notification of the connection having gone down.

If you want to accelerate the ability to have a downed connection be detected more quickly in SecureCRT, open your session options, navigate to the Terminal category and enable the anti-idle Send protocol NO-OP option; specify how many seconds you'd like to wait at a minimum.
Note that when the connection is good, this will mean that SecureCRT will be sending packets unnecessarily, but if you don't want SecureCRT to be beholden to notifications from the operating system, this one way to work around the OS failing to provide timely notification of a TCP connection having gone down.
Make this change to both your jump host session and other sessions and see how well things work for you.

Let us know what you discover.

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