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You're using crt.Session.Connect, and no crt.Session.Disconnect. I think the session must be getting closed in a way that's not obvious in the code, because you would probably see an error if trying to use Connect when already connected. So, I think there's more going on than has been shown.

Are you disconnecting from the remote through some other command before trying again to connect?

When you say it's skipping IP's, how are you making that determination?

Which version of SecureCRT are you using (Help / About SecureCRT...)?

Can you add a msgbox do you see that IP's are not skipped, and see if you notice anything different about the SecureCRT connections?
for each ip in ips
  crt.Session.Connect "/TELNET " + ip 'Creates telnet connection
  crt.Screen.Send count
  'BackUp area(count), strUserInput
  count= count+1

  ' Debug MsgBox to help verify that no IP addresses are skipped
  MsgBox "IP = " & ip & vbcr & "count = " & count   
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