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Hi slouw,

"" is the standard way of networking applications saying, "All available IPv4 network interfaces". In other words, SecureCRT is reporting that when it requested the OS open up a UDP port, it asked the OS to listen on all available IPv4 network interfaces (AKA "") pertaining to the entire machine, rather than specifying a specific NIC IP. For the sake of convenience and simplicity, this is usually what you want since it prevents you from having to reconfigure SecureCRT's TFTP server to listen on a different IP address every time you change networks or your DHCP-assigned address changes, etc.

Which specific connection protocol are you using in SecureCRT to get connected to your "IOS box"? (Serial, SSH1, SSH2, Telnet, etc.)

In fact, with a situation as involved as this one, would you please send your reply to us at and include Attn Cameron: Forum Thread #14553 in the subject line?

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